Are you looking to add a little something extra to your burlesque skills? Look no further. Polelesque is our cheeky new Burlesque class! In this 8 week course we will combine our seductive burlesque moves with the aid of a vertical pole. Think Burly Barre, floorwork, basic pole moves/spins and a whole lot of attitude and you are ready for 8 weeks of tantalizing fun.

If you looking to build self-confidence, bring out your naughty, wild side and make new friends, this is the class for you! Grab your heels and get ready to dance your way around the pole.

Important note: This is a Burlesque class, to learn pole dancing, check out our ‘Beginner Pole’ course. 

Beginners Pole:
Are you ready to become stronger and embrace your sexy? Dolltastic Beginner Pole is the class for you! In this high-energy class, you need no prior experience. You will learn all the basics for pole dancing on a spinning pole. We will teach you techniques for holds, spins and other pole moves. Let’s work together to tone and strengthen your muscles, grow your comfort on the pole, and allow you to build confidence in yourself.

Join Dolltastic beginner pole to make new friends and put a smile on your face while you bump and grind! If you are ready to jump into the world of pole dancing, grab hold of a pole and let’s start spinning.

Int. Beginners Pole:
Have you taken a beginner pole class before? Do you have the basic skills of a beginner level pole dancer? Do you want to improve the pole skills you have and gain new skills? If so, this class is the one you are looking for. Int. Beginners Pole is suited to those who have ‘some’ experience with pole dancing.

Dolltastic’s int. beginner pole course helps you build and increase your pole strength and technique, so you can dive into our intermediate level courses. This course will have you feeling devilishly sexy as your confidence with pole work grows!

Exotic Pole:
The Exotic pole course will have you feeling like a seductive temptress with its entrancing way of combining dance elements and Pole tricks. This class is the perfect pole class for you if you love to dance. In this course, you will learn sexy, sassy routines and develop skills in how to sequence your pole dance moves and pole tricks.

Exotic pole is dynamic and challenging and helps develop your flexibility with intense training. If you are invested in improving your mobility, unleashing your creativity and bringing your sexiness to the surface, you need to enrol in this class!

Pole Practice:
If you don’t have a pole at home to practice, fear not. We have Pole practice sessions available on different days for your benefit. These practice sessions run for 60 minutes and are FREE for our members! All that is left for you to do is book a session, come in, practice on the poles and work on developing the skills you learn in class.

Intermediate Pole - Coming in TERM 2 - INVITE ONLY