Once upon a time, in a land far far away, were a group of Show girls ready to come out and play. With sparkles on their corsets and stars in their eyes, the Diamond Dolls were set to make their dreams come alive! At the fringiest of festivals Once Upon A Burlesque is soon to arrive.

Feast your eyes on a menagerie of delights in the form of ethereal feather fan dances, classic but naughty bump-n-grind stripteases, bewitching boa manipulations, GIANT features, beautiful dances & more entertainment that will have you either in tears of laughter or sizzling to the edge of your seats.

Become ensnared within the magical castle of fairy tales live on stage in a spectacular premier performance. Enjoy a two-hour thrill as you adventure into the aftermath of the happily ever afters of many vivacious villains and playful princesses along with other fairy-tale characters that will have you on the edge of your seats. The dazzling Electra Lashes will capture your heart as Cinderella; The villainess of curves, Viva Valentine, presents a deadly act as Maleficent, plus many more premiere tantalising acts from all the fairy tales we know and love.


16th Feb is a Teaser Show
Approx 2 Hours 
16th Feb is a Mini Show - Approx 2 Hours