Every day Electra lashes is your girl next door, you meet her personally you would never know that she is a stripping machine, In everyday life she is an easygoing, loud diva that is always up for a selfie session. This girl lives a life many would dream of waking up to the great outdoors and a backyard full of animals she currently owns 3 cats, a beautiful English staffy whom stars on her Instagram and facebook page often, 7 horses, chickens and 2 pet pigs. Taking a Dailey 40min drive to the Dolltastic studio to be the Star and Principle of Dolltastic burlesque a passion that she says “I do it for the girls, I work my ass to the bone to give them opportunities and the confidence they wouldn’t get anywhere else” in the past 4 years she has worked with many introducing them to the world of burlesque as the principle of Dolltastic burlesque.

Electra lashes is one woman who takes burlesque to the extreme with dazzling custom made costumes she designs and makes herself with so much sparkle your eyes will be blinded with beauty, Unfortunately in may 2015 she broke her leg in 3 places but continued to teach and stepping down from performing whilst recovering from this horrific injury and only stepping back to the stage recently in October 2016 at Once upon a burlesque with the most amazing props and costumes than before her presents on the stage was a true form of seducible teasing and tantalizing burlesque, now  she is back ready to take on the world of burlesque with her classical bump and grind strip tease with a modern twist and her amazing custom made giant props, being dolltastic’s master of the giant Martini glass and taking the title of Cinderella with the giant shoe at the event 2016’s Once upon a Burlesque along with being the event chorographer and producer.
Electra lashes is one not to be missed on the stage the stripping machine will always have you stargazed with a trailblazer blend of extravagant costumes, seamlessly elaborate props and talents that will leave you enjoying her ravishing bubbly sensational presence on stage.  Be sure to find her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to what she is upto and follow her in the day to day life with Dolltastic.